Celebrating FIVE Years in business with Lemon's Loot

Celebrating FIVE Years in business with Lemon's Loot

This is FIVE! 🍋 April 16th 2024

Wishing Lemon’s Loot the happiest of birthdays today. From a lost soul with an eye for thrifting on a budget for their photo shoots… to a happy and determined soul running a five-figure reselling business that has expanded beyond their wildest dreams. Over the five years I’ve felt an intense gratitude towards this venture. ✨

Thousands of people I’ve met and helped decorate their homes or restore a piece of nostalgia in their lives. Some have been here for the entire journey… some are just joining in. A special thank you to my husband… for always helping and believing in me. 🏠

Over 1200 reviews showing me that customer service and a quality experience matters. The positive uplifting in hard times… the negative teaching me we can always do better. 👏🏻

Over 10,000 (yes! That wasn’t a typo!!) pieces of Loot selected and sold through the years. Sold within the community through markets, pop ups and in person. Sold online to every province, territory and state in Canada and the USA. Plus expanding internationally to NINE different countries. 🌎

Trying to break out of my comfort zone by joining communities, helping other professionals, undergoing huge renovation projects, taking risks with purchases, travelling to unknown cities, learning about the world, the people and product that exist… it’s been a whirlwind. 👍🏻

I also can’t forget the hardships. The countless hours behind the scenes doing taxes, ensure aspects of this venture are legitimate, making bad buys, being scammed by people, wanting to throw in the towel. 👎🏻

The light can’t exist without the darkness. Everything I’ve experienced in this journey has brought me into what you see today. Happy… thriving… motivated… and excited. 🎉

So cheers to another year celebrating this small business of mine. Thank YOU for being here and celebrating with me. I couldn’t do this without you! 🍋🎂💛
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