Vintage - the duality of the past and the future

Vintage - the duality of the past and the future

The vintage community is built on the duality of the past and the future. It would be inconsiderate to assume businesses within this space aren’t built on the idea of loss. From estate downsizing, sourcing item from generations passed or the movement of product from one home to another – this industry wouldn’t exist without the past. In the same way, this industry wouldn’t exist without the future.

I truly believe this industry isn’t for the faint of heart, in fact, it takes a lot of heart. Recognizing the past is an inherent quality you need in this business. As sellers, we spend a lot of time discovering this past and finding ways to preserve it.  

We research makers and companies of product, focusing on techniques, timelines, and the history of where they come from. Many hours are spent on researching, often deep diving into the stories and histories of our items.

We listen and ask questions when we source from estates, home sales, yard sales or consignment purchases. We want to know why the items held a sentimental value. Many times, these stories too, are lost.

There is a certain level of respect we show our products. We clean, repair, cherish and imagine a future for them. For most, the future of these items is our top priority. We are the caretakers of the past, we are the stewards to their future.

Understanding that not everything can be saved, passed on or continue their cycle is heartbreaking. In this business, we often accept imperfections or blemishes on items because we believe in their future. If items don’t sell, we are happy to hold them or add them to our personal collections.

I feel honoured to be apart of this industry. Being surrounded by history is a grounding experience. Connecting with customers and hearing the joy certain objects bring into their lives is a pleasure. Expressing this is hard at times, but just know, there isn’t a day that passes where we don’t acknowledge the past and find hope for the future.

The vintage community has given me a new light to bring into the future. It shapes the way I view the world and for that, I am so grateful.
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